After a great event: EWE’15

Dear European Medical Students;

It is our great pleasure to share the success of 2nd European Week of Ethics on 2nd-6th of January 2015 in Heidelberg/Germany.

EMSA Medical Ethics and Culture pillar has always been the pillar of “Sharing”. When we are rocking with one of our 6 E&C projects; we always set the basis from the lovely act of: Sharing. So we did at EWE’15.

We have talked about the 4 fundamental principles of ethics with Professor Ranaan Gillon: Non-Maleficence, Beneficence, Respect for autonomy and Justice. Mr Kavaliauskas mentioned the history of some infectious diseases such as Ebola-outbreak, isolation of the (“possible”) patient, dissemination of illnesses through different means of transportation on first working day.

Medical ethics related transplantation case examples from Dr Golriz, philosophical approach to medical ethics and ethics of transplantation medicine by Dr Primc were the main concerns of 4th of January.

During Genetic Engineering/Reproductive Health Session, we had a scientific approach on Surrogacy and in-vitro-fertilization by Dr Cakiroglu, basic information you should know when talking about ethics on genetic engineering from Mr Kavaliauskas.

We have had 19 workshops and trainings delivered by youth leaders/soft-skills trainers. The topics varied from refugee polities to sign language, from palliative care to ethics of mental health and many others.

Apart from the theoretical part, we had chance to enjoy the social program provided by EMSA Heidelberg. Night city tour, Heidelberg Castle visit, local nightlife and of course: European Village Party were the great socializing moments for EWE participants.

We had a special issue of MedEthNews for EWE’15 and delivered the hard copies at EWE registration desk. MedEthNews is the newsletter of EMSA Medical Ethics and Culture pillar and has special issues for important EMSA events. So we had a special issue for EWE’15 where you can find 9 delicious articles from EMSA E&C Team 2014/2015. Our theme was the “Cultural approach to EWE’15”. We hope you enjoy it!

You either could not attend EWE and are sad about it or have attended EWE and been motivated to do more. Here is your chance to join EMSA Medical Ethics and Culture Team: E&C ESDs! If you want to mix your blue spirit with ethics and culture love in your heart, please fill in the E&C ESD application form till 20th of January 2015 by CET midnight. You can simply indicate the projects you want to work on and be part of the team.


All in all, EMSA European Board cordially thanks to all participants, speakers, trainers for their productive participation and of course; Organizing Committee; for their great effort during week. Hope to meet you again at any other EMSA event.


Europeanly yours


Medical Ethics and Culture Director 2014/15


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