A year of Healthcare Students’ Collaboration: What’s Next

     What a year it was for EMSA, 2015. Many great things happened, hosting Presidents’ Meeting of the European Medical Organisations, celebration of EMSA’s 25th birthday and an anniversary General Assembly, a new record number of policies adopted and many more… Meanwhile EMSA’s working theme for the year 2015 was Interprofessional Collaboration in Health Care, but is the work over? What awaits us in 2016 in terms of Interprofessional Collaboration?

     To answer the question above, one must see what has been done in the area until now. Namely, Interprofessional Twinning and Training New Trainers event with EPSA (European Pharmaceutical Students’ Association) in April; a huge survey on Interprofessional education filled by 1500 healthcare students Europe-wide, which is currently processed and analyzed; European Healthcare Students Summit, which the second edition will be held on 13-14 February 2016 in Brussels, organised by EMSA. Last but not the least, 2015 saw EMSA’s very first Panel Debate in Brussels themed at Interprofessional Collaboration – Challenging Barriers, co-hosted by Member of European Parliament, Bogran Wenta, and the WHO Representative to the European Institutions, Dr Roberto Bertolini. Keep an eye out for this year’s panel debate…

As you can also see, work has only started and there are still roads to go for European-wide collaboration of healthcare students. Healthcare Education, and for medical students “Medical Education” can’t be thought far away from these roads. EMSA members, by adopting the policy paper on “Interprofessional Collaboration and Education”, in our 2015 Autumn Assembly, have expressed their will for the association to continue working on this topic. EMSA answered the call of its members, by including Interprofessional Collaboration / Education as one of its Joint European Projects. Joint European Projects are multi zear focus areas of EMSA with the clear goal to make an impact in Europe on the topic, collaboratively worked on by EMSA members, EMSA board, partner students organisations  any organization or professionals with clear interest and work background on the topic. Some of the aims this year on Interprofessional Collaboration are;

  1. Improving the alignment of projects, policies, exchanges and international events between healthcare students’ associations.
  2. Discussing and promoting the usefulness of interprofessional teaching and learning.
  3. Developing extracurricular activities and strengthening links between local and international healthcare students’ associations
  4. Preparation and adoption of joint policies in healthcare problems
  5. Advocating on healthcare students’ and workers’ mobility in Europe

     Interprofessional Collaboration JEP is being co-steered by the EMSA Medical Education Director, Orkun Kilic and EMSA European Integration and Culture Director, Daria Gheorghe. The project has a Support Division Group open for all willing to take part, that started meeting recently. The group is also being followed by EPSA and EFPSA Representatives and interested EMSA Alumni. To get more information and join the discussion about the Interprofessional Collaboration, please send a mail to education@emsa-europe.eu

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