NCM 2012 Targu Mures


This May, as every year, the enthusiasts and the national coordinators from all around Europe met on in the beautiful Romanian city Targu Mures from the 10
th to 14th. The NCM (National Coordinators Meeting) as the second most important meeting in EMSA was a place were EMSAi learned, talked, discussed and worked on different topics connected with the work within our association. The schedule was full with different kind of sessions, SWG(small working groups) and trainings but of course as always there was time for part
y too.



The Pillar Sessions
Every director had its own pillar session lasting for three days in a row. Together with the enthusiasts they talked about the projects they organize about the way they should be organized. Also other things were done for example there was a movie shown on one of the sessions plus a big discussion after wards; at one of the sessions there was a training about creativity and even more interesting things prepared form the directors.



The small working groups were prepared for the board members and they covered different fields of the work in EMSA. The topics were:

  • Smashing layouts
  • Communication within EMSA
  • Externals and partners od EMSA
  • The future of EMSA
  • Fitting EMSA into a magazine
  • Motivation
  • Getting funding
  • Being a global player with EMSA

The participants had the opportunity to learn new things about EMSA they did not know before, ask questions and debate on the topics. And also trough this the board members got the opportunity to see what are the interests on different topics that the EMSAi enthusiasts have. 


Project presentations, project fair, twinning market and country presentations

At all this different sessions the EMSAi had the opportunity to talk and share their local experience with their fellow students. New projects were presented as well as the old once. On the twinning market every country had the opportunity to find new twiningpartners for the up coming year and to represent its country. And the last but not the least the country presentation included a few minutes presentation for the national work of EMSA.

NC sessions

The VPI of EMSA Europe held two sessions with the present National Coordinators. They discussed about the work of EMSA in each country and about the new things that the NC should do. Also they start preparing a NC book, which should be a help for every new NC containing the most common questions they have when they first come to this position and their best answers.



The last but not the least was the seminar held by a special guest of EMSA. Doctor Van der Vliet talked about the “Active Ageing” and the only thing we can say about the seminar is that it was a really nice and wonderful experience and a real motivation for all of us. He also honoured us with his presence of the discussion to the great movie “The doctor”.


Ivana Gjorgjevska
European Institutions Liaison Officer






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