2nd Industrial Action of UK Junior doctors: Support of the EMSA President

After discussions between the UK government and the British Medical Association on the junior doctors’ contract conditions (especially over hours and pay) ended without an acceptable compromise, UK junior doctors launched the second day of the planned Industrial Action.

Jannis Papazoglou, President of the European Medical Students Association (EMSA) , confirms the support to the British Medical Association and the junior doctors trying to achieve a contract that serves both patient safety and acceptable working conditions for junior doctors

Once more, EMSA would like to reaffirm that “excessively long working hours not only carry health risks for doctors, but also represent a considerable risk for their patients.”.

EMSA also would like to urge the stakeholders to involve UK medical students and their representatives in the discussions in the best meaningful way: today’s medical students will be affected later in their career by the currently negotiated contract but they are not sitting at the table where the decisions are made

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