“What is EMSA Day?”

27 years ago, EMSA has been founded at 20th of October 1990. Each year, the founding date of EMSA is celebrated across Europe as EMSA Day.

“What is EMSA Day Competition?”

This year, we will be celebrating our 27th anniversary in 100+ faculties across Europe! To celebrate the celebrations, we are in search for the FMO who is theMost Immersed in Blue Spirit!. 

“Of course, we are the FMO most immersed in blue spirit! How can we prove this?”

We are looking for the FMOs who are the best in one of the following categories:

“Most Interactive Stand”,

“The Best Video” celebrating the EMSA Day,

Shared the “Most Interesting Pictures with the EMSA Day celebration card” (will be shared in the upcoming days),

“A Truly Unique Way of Celebration”

Those FMOs will receive certificates for being the best at those categories. You can get inspiration from last year’s celebrations!

And from the points received from each category added together, we will select the FMO who is the “Most immersed in Blue Spirit”! This special FMO will be presented with a small award and certificate at the Spring Assembly 2018 and will have the right to proudly show their title until next year!

“How we can participate in the competition?”

Share your photos and videos from your FMO social media accounts (or personal accounts if FMO accounts do not exist) using the hashtags #27yearsofEMSA #IloveEMSA #EMSADay and the #nameofyourFMO until 20th of October 23.59 Brussels Time. Make sure that the visibility is set to public when posting in order for your submissions to be seen. The posts which are shared through Instagram should have @emsa.europe instagram account tagged and will receive bonus points.

“How will the winners be selected?”

The participants will be graded on those four categories mentioned above. In order to make the process fair to everyone, at least 2 board members will grade the participants according to the rubric provided for this purpose. Those board members will not be from the same country as the FMO they are grading. The grades will be submitted to Vice President of Capacity, and the winners will be announced from our website and social media accounts.

May the bluest FMO win!